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5 Artists We're Obsessed With

Updated: 6 days ago

By: Xavier Hardison

May 8, 2024

We've started a new publication that shines a spotlight on brilliant artists making an impact in todays fine art industry. The artists featured in this ongoing editorial, "5 Artists We're Obsessed With" are friends and peers whose work we are proud to have in our personal collection. The goal of this effort is to uplift and bring recognition to their practice, while also providing our fellow art-lovers insider knowledge to top global talent!

1) Chloe Mosbacher

We begin with Chloe Mosbacher. Chloe is an American Artist and dear friend from Hudson Valley, New York. Her multi-disciplinary practice includes painting, ceramics, and sculpture while placing emphasis on community building and environmental awareness. As a recent graduate from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and soon to be graduate from NYU, her ecological work brings together vast experiences and materials acquired in and around natural settings. Chloe allows her creative process to be lead by three main subjects: beautiful colors, natural forms, and engaging textures. See more of Mosbacher's stunning work here!

2) Hwan Kim

Next in our star lineup is Korean abstract painter, Hwan Kim. Hwan and Xavier studied together at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and often exchanged ideas during frequent studio visits in the Lazarus Studio Center. Hwan's work is very active. His hand is always present in these oil painting works, allowing the viewer to witness exuberant amounts of energy captured in the energetic brush strokes that create this deep blue background. He paints about physical relationships with his surroundings, touching frequently on subjects such as the sun. The work is described as "fearless, without hesitation in both his brushstrokes and color decisions." To learn more visit here!

3) Gabriel Mercio

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Gabriel Mercio is a thoughtful and deeply reflective painter. A lot of his work depicts memories of his home country, and the feelings held in the vast mountainous landscapes and calming beach scenes. His subtle use of color is mesmerizing, and embeds prismatic spotches of color within seemingly grey skies. The expected 2025 MICA graduate displays a sensibility reminiscent of the late great painter Giorgio Morandi, but with a lighter air and more lucid handling of paint. Allowing the looseness of his paint to create movement, Mercio's mark-making gently carves distinction between foreground and background. Stay up to date on this special artist's work here!

4) Rauf Sunyaev

Rauf Sunyaev is an inquisitive Tatar Artist known for conceptual and experimental work often materializing as watercolors, oil paintings, and frescos. Graduating from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), themes often explored are bodies in motion, which is further exemplified in his film, animation, and video work. His creative process of this specific painting is acutely responsive, as he allows the activity of individual water droplets to dictate the compositional grid and subsequently their fields of color. Figures are often used to further activate the picture with narrative, as two wrestlers are depicted here in camoflauged combat. See more of Sunyaev's multi-faceted studio practice here!

5) Deshun Peoples

Last but certainly not least, we would like to honor the charming ceramicist, Deshun Peoples. Deshun and Xavier met at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), during a Wintersession course in the Ceramics Department. Deshun's studio practice continually puts forth inspiring bodies of work all of which demonstrate care, thoughtfulness, and intention. From elegant metallic trims to carefully considered minimalistic symbology, what is there not to love with such precious pieces? Peoples beautifully "reshapes reality" not only through physical abstraction, but also from a devotion to teaching students empathy in the classroom and as a key virtue in life. Visit their site to learn more here!

We hope this list of exceptional people inspires you, and gives well-deserved recognition to incredible people in the world of art who are making a real difference right now! All these artists are close personal friends, dedicated creatives, and thoughtful individuals. Thank you for tuning in with us, and until next time...

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