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"Final Wave" Spring/Summer 2024

By: Xavier Hardison

June 22, 2024

"When a beautiful rose dies, beauty does not die because it is not really in the rose. Beauty is an awareness in the mind." - Agnes Martin

Our "Final Wave" SS24 collection is about two things only: Material & Space... We have designed this collection of contemporary frescos and sculptures to capture the essence of our ethos. This ethos consists of formal simplicity and a mindful exploration of space.

We are on a quest to discover what's left at the end of a thought. To reach the end of an idea requires refinement. Therefore, after a piece is made it is thoroughly revised and edited... Questions that frequently arise in our studio include: Why is that there? Is it necessary? Can it mean more by doing less? This mindset varies from the minimalist approach to art-making because instead of beginning with these concerns, we end with them. A trivial mark in the sand can go from "What is it doing?" to "Why is it doing it?" to "Could it be doing it better?" to "Does it need to exist?" and then to "Why is it there at all?" Going through this editing process can potentially uncover greater meaning in trivial decisions. Questions such as "Is this element distracting from stronger components?" or "Is this part doing too much?" or "Maybe it's not doing enough?" all help further strengthen the end result.

We believe the strongest art can talk to people in whispers. So, we want our X-Artifacts to be as quiet as possible, allowing you to hear your own thoughts and more importantly feel your own emotions. Our concern lies in the delivery of the work, and less in the work itself. Not whether we'll be using USPS or Fedex, but in its perception. How an idea is delivered holds a lot of meaning, and has great influence on the work. This is where social media becomes a pain, but a necessary one at that... The delivery of content on social platforms is often mindless, instantaneous, and brief. Our work occupies physical space, a component that is entirely lost in digital media. Whether its a fresco or a sandstone sculpture, they are tangible objects just as much as visual ones. Our newest collection requires time to interpret, something that social media is designed to discourage. The artwork isn't intended to jump out at you, but rather to sit with you.

To achieve this relationship with our work, we strongly encourage attending gallery shows, art festivals, and upcoming events that we participate in. Engage with the work yourself in person, form your own opinions, and have a great time! We will be showing this full body of work publicly for the first time over the next couple months, so stay tuned for future exhibition dates by joining our free newsletter! We can't wait to meet you at our next exhibition :)

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