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Updated: Feb 15

By: Xavier Hardison

February 11, 2024

All our work incorporates sand as the theme. The goal of our studio practice is to celebrate our relationship with nature & natural materials. X-Artifacts are made using sand and rocks to represent time and the environment. The “X” shape of our logo references an hourglass, aka the sand-clock, an instrument which brilliantly uses the laws of nature to measure time (Shoutout to the 8th C. French monk, Luitprand). By using sand in our pieces we draw attention to the ephemeral quality and incredible value of time. Don't miss a beat with our *FREE* Newsletter for upcoming events.

The texture and feel of sand also engages the senses, adding a memorable tactile dimension to the artwork. This sensory experience stimulates a deeper connection with viewers, exploring ideas of touch, physicality, and presence. The chipped components, shapes, and contours of our X-Artifacts are meant to convey an implied history, as if unearthed from a past millennium. While modern features such as bright gold trimming, cultural signifier of "X", and diverse compositional range places us in the 21st century.

Join us on this journey into time - Be on alert for new artwork releasing every month for your chance to start your collection or expand upon it! For first timers needing advice on how to begin collecting, view our "What Type of Art Buyer Are You" guide for a quick and easy quiz! Our "Vault Capsule" Series is a new campaign which features exclusive pieces from our studio archives. This initiative was created to bring more art into the homes of fellow enthusiasts & dear stewards. The one-of-a-kind X-Artifacts in these monthly launches can be found on our homepage! Stay updated with our *FREE* Newsletter to get all-inclusive access to secret guides & future events.

All Photography by Lourenço Nogueira

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