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How to Find Eco-Friendly Gifts

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Top 5 Secrets to Sustainable Shopping

by Xavier Hardison

1) Stay Local

Whether it's your local farmers market, mom & pop shop, or favorite vintage boutique, supporting local business is always rewarding. Look out for new DMV artists such as 3ird Eye, who are quickly making a name for themselves.

2) Voice Change

Be vocal & visual about what you care for. Your example will surely inspire friends, family, and strangers to shine. Hear new music from Brandon Kanion now streaming everywhere!

3) Get Active

There is no avoiding health & fitness. Take care of yourself, and you'll love how you feel! Need motivation? Craft custom tennis shoes to encourage healthy living with designer, Swaggy Picasso.

4) Go All-Natural

There is no denying that the closer you get to nature, the better you feel. Enjoy fun, all-natural jewelry & apparel like these chic coastal creations by Shell Collection.

5) Love Life

“Art is the key to life.” - Anonymous

Make a loved one's day, or treat yourself to a special painting for the holidays. Visit Xavier Hardison for creative ways to ignite your inspiration, or lounge in style!

These 5 tips make holiday shopping easy, fun, and simple! Which gifts are on your wish-list?

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